The Listel Hotel Vancouver

Website Design & Development x 2

I was directly responsible for the design, development and brand alignment for 2 unique websites for The Listel Hotel. The first site was initially created within a proprietry CMS and although it was not particularly flexible, I managed to create a fresh and modern site that became synonymous with the Hotel's newly minted visual language. The site was extremely successful in both it's presentation and delivery of the Hotel's brand experience.

With the advances in technology and the internet, I was again given the opportunity to re-imagine the Hotel's web presence and created a completely refreshed online experience—One which places the hotel property, it's attributes, shapes, colouring and textures front and centre, but also its personable operational style and in it's continued focus with the arts.

The mobile site has been developed with the industry-leading Jquerymobile framework. Given the complexity and visual richness of the desktop site, the decision to create a purely mobile, trimed-down experience is due in part to the restrictions and inconsistencies in network access, and that many potential guests would be unable to access the site at all or certainly receive a less than optimal experience.

The sites have been coded and built with industry-standards and are fully editable through a powerful yet easy to use client CMS.

I have self-published a portfolio book showcasing this work and other work for The Listel Hotel which can be viewed by appointment where possible, viewed online or directly purchased from Blurb.


Creative Services:

  • Brand Language Authoring & Alignment, Business Identity Design, Business Stationery Design, Sales & Marketing Collateral, Integrated Advertising, Promotions & Events, Interior & Exterior Signage/Wayfinding, Photography, Bespoke Fixtures & Furnishings, Special events installations, Website Design, Development and Deployment.
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