O'Doul's Restaurant & Bar

My work

O'Doul's Restaurant & Bar has been a landmark dining destination in Vancouver for more than 30 years. Throughout this time it has seen it's fair share of ownership, direction and differing customer experience.

My involvement began in 1997 with the decision to completely reinvent the restaurant and working closely with Senior Management and the interior design firm, I authored the brand anchor—In celebration of the classical age of discovery

This theme was trumpeted by the spectacular 65' x 14' ceiling mural which dominates the space. In addition to the ceiling, I designed and fabricated numerous sculptural elements borrowing shapes and objects found within the ceiling mural. These included 4 Mahogany 'Compass Rose' sculptures reaching 10' high along with the grand 6 foot diameter suspended 'Orbis Terrarum' globe within the vaulted 24' atrium area.

The theme further informed all aspects of O'Doul's Visual Language and can be seen throughout all visual, interior and Sales & Marketing intiatives including Identity, Stationery and print collateral.

Footnote: After many successful years, O'Doul's has now closed its doors to make way for an extensive renovation within the parent hotel property.

Creative Services:

  • Brand & Visual Language Programme, Business Identity and Stationery Design, Design and Development Sales & Marketing Collateral, Photography, Website Design, Interior Graphics, Fixtures & Furnishings, Interior and Exterior Signage

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