The Listel Hotel Whistler

The Listel Hotel Whistler Brand

The Listel Hotel Whistler is the sister property to the vancouver based hotel.

Phase One
I was initially engaged to design and implement a complete, albeit interim visual brand realignment within a tight one-month timeline which included logo and business stationery design, print collateral, print advertising and fully functional website.

The hotel had previously operated under the Best Western Brand and as such did not process any non-branded visual assets of its own. With an agressive photo shoot, we built a relevant body of imagery to pull from, forming the building blocks for the new story.

Logo's, type specifications, colour palettes were identified and the complete programme came together within the timeline and launched successfully.

Phase Two
After several months operating with the new brand alignment, the decision was made to explore the possibility in bringing the Whistler property harmoniously closer with that of the Vancouver operation. I was again commissioned to design and implement a visual transition strategy that would mirror the success of the Vancouver property.

Given the marketplace strength and brand recognition of the Vancouver property, it was decided to elevate "The Listel Hotel" brand from being a singular entity to that of a master brand, with location differentiation delivered through individual location marks, colours and type treatment.

The Whistler property's visual language is loosely based upon the 4 seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, giving the hotel greater flexibility in it's promotional endeavours. This helps focus the hotel's story as a full, year-round destination, rather than purely a winter, ski-centric one. Additionally, the property is located at the centre of the resort village which is reinforced through the strapline, while enhancing the brand positioning.

Creative Services:

  • Visual Brand Language Authoring & Alignment, Business Identity Design, Business Stationery Design, Sales & Marketing Collateral, Integrated Advertising, Promotions & Events, Interior & Exterior Signage/Wayfinding, Photography, Website Design, Development and Deployment.
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