My work is based upon a singular understanding—People inherently wish to share what they find to be enjoyable, beautiful and unexpected.

“Enriching Space and Time with ‘calm attention’—Being Always special but never flashy.

Creating work and finding solutions at multiple levels is what characterizes the way in which I approach all projects, and I'm committed to the investment and cultivation of the fertile ground that exists between people, design, and the world at large.

Ultimately, it's about design solutions that solve problems, speak to people in meaningful ways, lift spirits and celebrate the human capacity to envision and dream.

Experience suggests, “It pays to increase your Wonder Power.”


Here to help

  • Design

    It is the language through which we address and solve problems, share new ideas, and help people do great things. The placing and patterning of any act towards a preferred result constitutes a design process. It's what we human beings do.

  • Thinking

    The focus is to create authentic design that tells a simple story. Each project should touch on emotion, either through wit, humour or craft.

  • Integration

    Relationships, media and space should be harmonious, make sense, and in totality help focus the desired outcome or intent, whatever it may be.

  • Doing

    The final results from graphics and illustration to programming and printing, words, code, fixtures and furnishings—all professionally produced with the utmost of care and attention to detail.


• Communications Problem Solver
• Identity & Visual Language
• Sales & Marketing Goodies
• Site Design & Development
• Site Content Management
• Clever Advertising
• Environmental Way-finding
• Exhibit Design & Graphics
• Interior Design Integration
• Fixtures & Furnishings
• Art & Sculpture
• Shaping the Wonderful
• Harnessing the Whimsical
• Reader of 'Between-the-lines'


Over the years, I've been privileged to have assisted a broad and interesting range of client's. These have included:

Air New Zealand, Anthony Field Associates, Blake Cassels & Graydon, The Brok’n Plate Restaurant, Bull Housser & Tupper, Canadian Airlines, Canac-Microtel, Carolyn Vose Associates, Commerce One, Continuing Legal Education of BC, Dancecorps, Downtown Custom Metal Works, Gastown Printers, Harbour Dance Centre, Heffel Galleries, Hemlock Printers Ltd., Juricert Services Inc., KhannaFedina Group Inc., The Kimpton Group, The Law Society of British Columbia, The Listel Hotel Vancouver, The Listel Hotel Whistler, Listel Canada, Mad About Food Inc., Marcel Furnishings,, Mercury Adjusters Inc., New Zealand Tourism Board, North Shore Arts Commision, O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar, Offshore Systems, ORACLE Corporation, Pacific Palisades Hotel, Poorboy Clothing Company, Quattro Restaurants, Sweettooth, Tahari Clothing, Teckcominco Limited, Theatre Projects UK and The Wickwire House B&B.

A few testimonials.


Think Play Do

For me, the act of designing is never just about a finished product, but rather a continuing narrative that extends from the conceptual thinking that informs the vision, through playful exploration, experimentation and implimentation, culminating with the people it touches and the places it transforms.

When you share a story that touches someone, you give them the gift of human attention.”


Thinking in terms of delight, not merely satisfaction.

Giles Runeckles headshot

Intriguing connections between design and artistic expression are my passion and I use them to emphasise products, services, ideas and environments.


My primary focus is working with clients to present and structure ideas & information to maximise their business concept. I add greater value, interest and intrigue by forging connections with different media and experience.


I know that with any given project, it's not necessarily the service or product alone, but in the provision of a whole set of creative opportunities that orbit around it that can offer the most effective points of interest, value and engagement.


With good experiences comes good relationships, and fostering these relationships, which build through engagement, honesty, conversation and value, is what my work is all about.


Everyone enjoys clever and thoughful experiences, and I take great pride in my business record—having created successful visual vocabularies, products and experiences that are relevant, credible and recognizable in the marketplace.


I'm proud to work with individuals and suppliers who are influencing positive change by creating work that generates discussion, conveys important information, attitudes and values. Additionally, I applaud those individuals and businesses that employ fair workplace policies and sound environmental practices as vehicles for growth and positive social change.


I believe in longstanding relationships built on straight-forward business principles, client service and kinship. Everyone involved, from initial creative to the final production are extremely talented and passionate about what they do, and I think it shows—I believe my work and clients speak for themselves.

Kind words

I thank them for both their work and candor

  • Beautiful vibrant colours on these exceptional quality art cards! Love the unique handcrafted designs and I’m excited to share this artist’s work with my family and friends. Thank you Giles!

    — Courtney H.
    ETSY Shop buyer

  • Thank you so very much for the vision, design excellence and friendship. And what a great retail store we’ve opened. You’ve helped in so many ways, and have guided, coaxed, encouraged and have brought a great deal of humour along this journey to Mad About Food’s retail store.

    — Allyson Nelson, President,
    Mad About Food Inc.

  • Giles is foremost a person with imagination—a practical imagination that enables him to visualize striking 2 and 3-dimensional solutions to the challenges of doing artistic work and designing business communications and environments. He is passionate and captivated by the notion of his work stimulating the senses—his own, his clients' and his clients' customers.

    — Sanjay Khanna, Principal,
    Khanna Research

  • Giles has been exceptional in terms of formulating creative and attractive design solutions for Mercury. He has taken the time to understand our business and in doing so, provides a much needed consistency in the presentation of our business across a variety of media.

    — Paul Koivukoski, Principal,
    Mercury Adjusters Inc.

  • Giles is a delight to work with. He’s creative, conscientious, detail-oriented, and meets deadlines. Moreover, his extended group of associates and suppliers know how to work hard and have fun at the same time. Many thanks Giles.

    — Dr. Geoffrey J. Lloyd,

  • Giles always brings a wealth of wonderful, innovative ideas to our projects. He’s not singularly focused on graphic design. He is extremely adept in bringing other disciplines to the mix. And probably more than anybody I have ever worked with, he understands our hotel, it’s business and has a true, organic feel for it.

    — Lise Magee, Director Marketing & Communications,
    The Listel Hotels

  • Simply put, we love working with Giles. He is a gifted designer and creative thinker who makes ideas breathe with life and resonate with our customers and clients.

    — Gary Donaldson,
    Anthony Field Associates UK

“Products need more than pure form and function, they must speak poetically. They must be poets.”


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